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121 Alma project
  • Located in the proximity of exemplary schools, diverse housing, abundant shopping and dining, local entertainment options and award-winning parks, this proposed mixed-used development is a $33.6 million investment.

  • Prime location within 3 miles from Tollway and 121 intersections. Less than 4 miles from new Toyota headquarters and Less than 1-mile from Allen Outlet Center.

  • The average household income in the neighborhood is $100K. The property is planned to possess the latest and greatest amenities.

  • With a holding period of fewer than 5 years will be an excellent opportunity for investors looking for short term investments. 

Alamo Towers on Riverwalk (ATOR) 
ATOR project Marketing.JPG

​   Alamo Towers on Riverwalk (ATOR), McKinney, TX

  • An exciting opportunity to build a high rise project on 1-acre prime River facing land.

  • A nice book end to the Art Residencies Thompson project next door - a $118 Million Luxury Hotel condo project .

  • Exceptional synergy in the high growth Riverwalk corridor between downtown and Pearl. A very strong EB5 project.

  • Project ~$120 million (Condo+Retail)- Equity raise $20 million - $60 MM Loan with $40 MM EB5 - IRR>30%.

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