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At Alamo Equity we invest the same time and effort to recruit the candidates as we do for an investment. We carefully handpick the candidates whom we believe will bring the best to the table. We look for individuals who are self-driven and who take challenges head on and come out successful. We believe that everyone in our team is part of the bigger picture and impacts the success of each other.


Our core work culture has integrity, ethics, and passion in its DNA and is cognizant of making sure it's reflecting the way we do business. In Alamo equity, having open, honest and transparent communication are the work habits which inculcate trust between our employees, investors, and partners.  We are a conducive environment for the growth of talents and skills. We believe that innovative ideas come from different walks of life and hence look for diversity in our team.


We believe that success is a team effort and aligning individual goals with our business principals will have a mutual growth opportunity. We believe goal setting and performance evaluation done in a timely manner will greatly improve productivity and personal accountability.


Alamo Equity (AE) has a long-term focus for our employees. We want to hire individuals who can build a career at AE.  We believe in investing in our employees to develop their skill set by creating opportunities in various aspects of business and in different regions. We look for individuals who are focused on the big picture  and are entrepreneurial at heart along with a work ethic of commitment and patience. We are currently looking for capable individuals for the roles of administrative assistant and Secretary for real estate.

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