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Our Investment strategy is diversified to ensure maximum stability for returns on investments. Diversifying the investments also makes the risks involved minimal.


Alamo holds a mix of assets designed to offer its investors a balance of income and growth.  Our strategy fosters flexibility and allows us to quickly react to changing market conditions.  Our assets can be grouped into three broad categories:   

Income (15-25%)


Core.  Our main focus is on sustainability: we search for assets that have strong and predictable cash flows.  We then seek to acquire these assets at a moderate discount, hold for 7-10 years, and then make a reasonable exit.


Core plus.  Very similar to the core strategy, but in this asset class, we aim for slightly more capital appreciation. Investment Duration is 5-8 years.

Growth (40-50%)


Value-added  We acquire assets at substantial discounts to replacement value, fix or improve, and then sell when market conditions are attractive. The investment duration is 3-6 years.  


Opportunistic our flexible approach allows us to take advantage of unusual opportunities.  This includes land with shovel-ready projects.  Our aim is to create value and exit.  There is little or no cash on cash return in this category. The investment duration is 2-4 years.

Hybrids (15-25%)


Development  Value-add potential in attractive markets.  The acquisition price, timing, and geography are vital to success; we implement a value investing techniques to generate risk-adjusted alpha. The investment duration is 3-7 years.


Debt market  We participate as GP partners in meaningful, synergistic offerings.  We arrange and offer mezzanine debt to qualifying investments through strategic partnerships. The investment duration is 3-7 years.  

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